About us

Who We Are

iSquare Media is a post-production house Based in chennai Handling the following VFX ,Edit, color, sound-design, mix, for Feature Films, Tv Series ,Documentries, Shortfilms and Commercials . Close to two decades of experiences, extensive credits and quality references but very flexible and affordable rates especially for long-term work. we working alongside people and companies with heart, soul, texture, and grit. We partner with brands, agencies, and organizations to produce Amazing outputs around the world for the content age.

Our Company was launched in April 2023 with a team strength of 50+ artists and support team.An initial order from your side will definitely be the beginning of a fruitful and mutually beneficial association. We value the data security and privacy TPN is Under process.

Our Servcies

Visual Effects Services


  • Object Removal
  • Logo Removal
  • Wire Removal
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Blemish Removal
  • Window and Mirror Reflections
  • Footage Stabilizing
  • Video Noise Reduction
  • Tracked Blurring
  • Sky Replacement


  • Screen Replacement
  • Green Screen Chroma Keying
  • Muzzle Flashes / Gun Shots
  • Blood and Wound Effects
  • Explosions, Fire, and Smoke
  • Snow and Rain
  • Rotoscoping
  • Set Extension
  • Motion Tracking
  • Camera Tracking
  • Body Tracking
  • Morphing / Warping Shots


  • Light Saber Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Color Grading
  • Day For Night
  • CG Relighting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Slow Motion for 24p Footage